Maintaining our
wooded heritage for
future generations.
      N 43° 21.598'
      W 81° 17.683'
      Elev. 1064 ft.

Mammals Of The Sawyer Woodlot

      When you enter the Sawyer Preservation Woodlot, you will be sharing your surroundings not only with human visitors, but with an array of wildlife. It may take a sharp eye to spot a given animal, but you can be sure that they know of your presence. Some will travel openly while others use various stealth tactics. Be sure to look up, down and all around -- and use your ears as well. Take your time and enjoy the comfort of one of the benches scattered around the woodlot. Patience will be rewarded.

Here we have listed various mammals that you may encounter. Some are noted as "rare" -- what a treat if you were so fortunate.

Eastern Chipmunk
Black Bear
White Tailed Deer Grey Wolf
Timber Wolf
Brush Wolf
Grey Fox Red Fox Badger
Bobcat Canada Lynx Marten Beaver
River Otter
Muskrat Woodchuck Porcupine
Raccoon Opossum Striped Skunk Snowshoe Hare
Eastern Cottontail Red Squirrel Northern Flying Squirrel Grey Squirrel
Eastern Chipmunk American Ground Squirrel Weasel Wild Mink
Ermine Norway Rat Field Mouse
Meadow Vole
Deer Mouse
Red-Backed Mouse Meadow Jumping Mouse House Mouse Star-Nosed Mole
Eastern Mole Masked Shrew Short-Tailed Shrew Little Brown Bat
Silver-Haired Bat

Striped Skunk