Maintaining our
wooded heritage for
future generations.
      N 43° 21.598'
      W 81° 17.683'
      Elev. 1064 ft.


About The Sawyer Preservation Woodlot Association ...

About The Sawyer Woodlot ...

About Stewardship ...

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About The Sawyer Preservation Woodlot Association ...

What is the purpose of the association?
The Sawyer Preservation Woodlot Association was created to manage the Sawyer Woodlot.

What is the organizational structure?
The Sawyer Preservation Woodlot Association is a registered non-profit corporation consisting of a general membership currently numbering about 80 individuals. From this group, a board of directors is appointed to oversee the day-to-day operations. Additionally, various association members take on other support roles. All positions are voluntary -- no salaries are paid.

Who are the association members?
The association is comprised of individuals who believe in the conservation of the wooded areas of Southwestern Ontario and the philosophy of woodlot preservation as envisioned by Otis Sawyer. Current membership consists of his family, relatives, neighbours, individuals with a past relationship with the woodlot itself, interested members of the community and others who treasure the natural environment that the woodlot provides.

Can anyone become a member?
Prospective members should indicate their interest by contacting the association. Applicants are vetted by the Board of Directors.

Are there membership fees?
There are no membership fees.

What are the benefits of membership?
You are entitled to participate in the meetings and vote on matters of the association. Educational and informative speakers and presentations as well as social times are part of the gatherings. And, of course, you get to enjoy and be part of a natural treasure.

How often does the association meet?
The association is required to have 2 business meetings per year.

When and where are these meetings held?
Traditionally the meetings are held semi-annually in the woodlot approximately at the beginning of May and the beginning of October. The precise date is set one meeting in advance with consideration made to the the agricultural obligations of many of the members, conflicts with known events and the anticipated environmental conditions (weather & bugs). This is a family event and guests are often in attendance.

What happens at the meeting?
Meetings are very much a social time. At noon, everyone gathers for a pot-luck lunch with all the chit-chat that goes with such an event. Immediately following the lunch, the business meeting is held. Reports are heard from officers and committees. Various items of business are discussed and relevant votes taken. Usually a speaker is welcomed to provide insight on some aspect of the woodlot and/or our operations. Upon adjournment, attendees usually tour the woodlot individually or with family or friends.

What is expected of a member?
First and foremost, members must believe in the preservation of our woodlands for future generations and support the vision of Otis Sawyer when he established the association in 1989. Members are expected to offer guidance and support for the association and to provide voluntary efforts in its maintenance and operations. We are continually looking for leadership candidates for the future.

What type of voluntary efforts might I be able to contribute?
The woodlot is in constant need of general maintenance dealing with trails, debris & hazards, signs, comforts, etc. Initiatives occasionally require work parties to achieve the objectives. Frequently we require hosts and tour guides for groups visiting the woodlot. Public relations efforts are needed as we expand our image into the larger community. All of these (and more) must come from our membership. Please contact us to offer your assistance. We appreciate all efforts.

How do I become a member?
Go to the Contact Us page of this website and use one of the methods found there to communicate your wishes. Another way is to attend our Spring or Fall woodlot meeting and join our ranks at that time. We would be pleased to welcome you.

About The Sawyer Woodlot ...

Where is the Sawyer Woodlot located?
Directions can be found on our maps page. Please be aware that the woodlot is somewhat remote in a sparsely populated area.

What is the parking situation?
There is no parking lot. Vehicles should park along the shoulder of the road along the southerly border of the woodlot. Care must be taken as this area can be soft. In places, the shoulder slopes sharply. The gravel road is lightly travelled but visibility is limited due to a hill and nearby curve. Large agricultural equipment occasionally travels this road.

When are the grounds open to receive visitors?
Visitors are welcome during daylight hours all year long.

What is the best time of the year to visit?
All seasons have plenty to offer. It is a very healthy and thriving natural area with lots of flora and fauna. You will have different experiences with every visit.

Are biting insects a problem?
Unfortunately, biting insects are present in significant numbers beginning in early May until the first frost. Temperature, humidity and other weather conditions affect their behaviour. Insect repellent may be advisable in season. As the summer progresses, the seriousness of this annoyance normally declines. Also, be on the watch for wasps, bees & hornets. Some nest on the ground and could provide a nasty experience if disturbed.

What about poison ivy?
Yes, poison ivy is present in the woodlot, and in several forms. Item 31 in the Sawyer Trees Brochure is the climbing or vine form -- but it is also scattered throughout in the more traditional creeping style. The trails are relatively free of it but visitors are advised to take care to avoid contact. Click here for more information on poision ivy.

What critter threats might I encounter?
It would be highly unusual for you to meet any critter threats. Do keep in mind that the woodlot is a natural area with many species calling it home. You may encounter deer, coyotes, fox, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, etc., as well as various birds -- any of which could react if they feel threatened. There are a few small snake species present and you could come upon one sunning himself on a trail. No venomous snakes have been reported in the woodlot -- but we are located in Massassauga rattlesnake habitat. If you are approached in a threatening manner by any critter, please contact the Association immediately as that could indicate a rabies situation. Realistically, the most significant threat is from the unleashed family pet of another visitor to the woodlot.

Are the trails maintained during the winter?
There is no trail maintenance during the winter season. You should be prepared for potential deep snow conditions. Snowshoes or skis would be appropriate. Snowmobiles do travel through the property from time to time -- their tracks may be firm enough to allow use of regular winter footwear.

Are snowmobiles and ATV's allowed?
Generally speaking, the woodlot is too small for snowmobiles and ATV's to be practical. Our trails are best suited for walking purposes. Although we discourage their use, they are permitted on the condition that they travel only on the trails, at low speed, and do no harm. ATV's should avoid wet or soft areas. If a tire mark with a depth of more than 1" is generated, the vehicle should not be used.

Are pets allowed?
You may bring your pet on the condition that it does not interfere with the woodlot wildlife or other visitors' enjoyment. Should your pet make a deposit, please ensure that the evidence is removed from the vicinity of the trails or where visitors might encounter.

What trail conditions can I expect?
There is a significant trail network on the property. Click for trails map. Trails typically are wide enough for 2-3 people to walk side by side. Those on the east side are fairly smooth and firm in dry weather. After a rain, any of the trails may be a bit muddy. The centre and north trails are natural surfaces with some uneven areas. The low areas and the west side can be quite wet at times and might be impassible. The west trail next to the stream is under development and very rugged in places. On all trails, be wary of specific hazards such a rocks, roots, encroaching branches, animal burrows, etc. Recommended footwear is hiking style.

What comforts are provided?
There are picnic tables and an outdoor woodstove located in a central area near the main entrance. No drinking water is available. There is no shelter from the weather nor is there any electrical service. Along the trail are several benches where you can rest and take in the surroundings. Throughout the woodlot there are signs identifying various plant life and other features. Near the main entrance is a display board with literature pertaining to the site.

Is hunting allowed?
The woodlot is a conservation area. No hunting is allowed.

What about camping?
No camping facilities are available and we are not licensed to offer camping.

Are there telephones available?
There are no telephones of any type on the grounds. Cellular telephone service in the area is marginal. You cannot count on having cell phone reception.

If you have unanswered questions, please contact us.