Maintaining our
wooded heritage for
future generations.
      N 43° 21.598'
      W 81° 17.683'
      Elev. 1064 ft.

Our Gratitude To The Following ...

Otis Sawyer
Our benefactor. Through his wisdom, his vision, his generosity and his understanding of the true value of our wooded environment -- his legacy is passed on. The fortunate amongst us remember his enthusiasm with fondness -- recalling the day that he proudly introduced us personally to each and every tree in his charge. It is the responsibility of everyone to support his initiative and protect this planet's gift for future generations. Otis Sawyer
The Sawyer Family Their ongoing support, guidance, interpretations and efforts have nurtured this thriving project -- critical in the early years.
Woodlot Association Members Currently numbering about 80 individuals, this dedicated group oversees and maintains the woodlot on a voluntary basis. Responsibilities include trails, signage, woodlot health, comforts, administration, public relations, education, and more. They make it happen.
Ken Maronets & The Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources Our link to Stewardship philosophies and related organizations across the country. Ken's leadership and enthusiastic support have been invaluable.
Ed Heal & The
London Free Press
His numerous articles and photos over the years documented the unique character and image of the man and his passions. The "Hard Hat" photos shown on these pages are provided by the London Free Press Collection of Photographic Negatives, The J.J. Talman Regional Collection, D.B. Weldon Library, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Photos by Ed Heal of the London Free Press.
Cottontail Rabbit