Maintaining our
wooded heritage for
future generations.
      N 43° 21.598'
      W 81° 17.683'
      Elev. 1064 ft.

Birds Of The Sawyer Woodlot

Northern Cardinal Hairy Woodpecker
When you enter the Sawyer Preservation Woodlot, the presence of the feathered population will immediately be realized. The environment -- rich with song, colour and action -- is a world onto it own. Watch for the residents as well as the transients. You will not be disappointed.

Confirmed Bird Sightings

The following birds have been identified by individuals with recognized bird identification skills. When visiting the woodlot, watch for species not recorded. Please allow us to expand our list by providing details of your sightings.

Great Horned Owl

Other Birds

The following birds are probable visitors to the woodlot and surrounding area but their presence has not been confirmed in recent years. If, during your visit, you see one of these birds (or any other species of note), please let us know. We would like to have our records as complete as possible.